Texting and Driving

Texting ≠ Driving

It is has recently become the most prevalent topic television, in print, and even on the radio. Texting and driving has become one of the most dangerous things a person can do. It has become a deadly crime that has changed many people’s lives.


While visiting Austin, Texas this weekend I heard an anti-texting & driving ad come on the radio. It begun with a male voice saying, “if you are texting and driving right now, stop.” At first I wasn’t sure how effective this opening was. Then, I thought to myself how often do I remember the first sentence of a radio commercial. Many of us remember the catchy tagline or jingle associated with the ad but I doubt we could recite the first sentence of that ad.


The rest of the ad was filled with facts and other scare tactics to prevent people from using their cell phone while driving. A different radio ad uses similar scare tactics when telling the story of a young girl who’s life was ended by a texting and driving incident.

While using a radio ad may not be effective for many products or services, using a radio ad for a texting and driving public service announcement is perfect. It allows the group or organization funding the ad to target people in their cars. I know the radio can be listened in many different areas but at least for me I do most of my radio listening while driving. Using the radio allows the message to be delivered to someone in the car who could potentially be texting and driving, making it an extremely effective way for the goal of the message to be received.

Don’t text and drive people, just don’t.



My favorite website has to be Zillow. Zillow is a real estate website that shows every type of residential real estate. Whether you are interested in buying or renting Zillow is a great place to research specific areas and neighborhoods in the any of the 48 continental United States.


This website incorporates a ton of really awesome features for home/apartment/condo hunters. It allows users to estimate their potential mortgage and what Zillow estimates is market value for the property. It also allows people to track the real estate history of the property. This is a great feature because it allows someone to see how the value of the property has changed through out the years.

One of my favorite features of Zillow is the neighborhood information the site provides. This allows people to see what other properties in the neighborhood are worth which is very important when choosing a new home.


Although I am a ways off from buying a home, I spend a lot of time on Zillow. I have a passion for homes and interior design. Many homes on Zillow come with multiple pictures of the interior and exterior of the property. I love looking at homes in many different areas and getting ideas from what the owners have done with the property.

I am also slightly obsessed with HGTV and home renovations. I love looking for older homes that have never been renovated and seeing what potential they may have to change.

I would recommend Zillow to the first time home buyer or just to the home lover.

Vogue. February 2015

The best print ad I saw in my favorite magazine was a Louis Vuitton ad I found in the February issue of Vogue. The ad features a handbag resembling the classic Speedy style Louis Vuitton has designed in the past. I think this ad is so effective because of it’s simplicity and also it’s intense detail. I like that there is no model and the bag is featured on alone on a chair. The design of the chair contains many bright colors and an oriental design. The bag fits perfectly in an imperfect way with the chair’s pattern. I think this ad tells a story of a busy and beautiful world traveler. I can see many people putting themselves in that story and purchasing the bag.

My Favorite Thing #ToryBurch

Most people wouldn’t identify something with the name “hobo” in it as being their “favorite”. This Tory Burch Amanda Hobo bag is my favorite item thing because it allows me to maintain my personal style while providing me with excellent functionality. This bag was also bought with the money I earned at my first corporate internship.

My bag is tan with gold detailing. It compliments any occasion and outfit perfectly. I can use it for business travel, or a day shopping at the Galleria. This bag complements my every mood, I highly recommend it to any stylish young professional.

Always #likeagirl

Always put a smile on many women’s faces this year during the Super Bowl. Always sends out an empowering message with their #likeagirl campaign. I appreciated how this ad focused on women’s self-esteem and not the tired menstruation theme that so many feminine hygiene companies base their marketing around. We all know about our period, we all use the same products we trust. Women will hardly, if ever, change the type of pad or tampon they use. Always does something different. They pull on our heart strings using confident, spunky young girls to convey the important message of self-esteem.

Good work Always.